Kaolin & China Clay

Kaolin & China Clay

Kaolin is white, soft, plastic clay mainly composed of fine-grained plate-like particles. Kaolin is formed when the anhydrous aluminum silicates which are found in feldspar rich rocks, like granite, are altered by weathering or hydrothermal processes.

Quality of china clay varies from mine to mine in many physical aspects, which in turn influence their end use. Of particular commercial interest is the degree of crystallinity which influences the brightness, whiteness, opacity, gloss, film strength, and viscosity.

Uses : Ceramics, Paper, Glass & Silicate, Paint, Rubber, Refractory, Plastic, Sealants, Roofing, Joint Compound, Drilling, Concrete, Catalyst, Agriculture, Adhesives, Ultramarine Blue, Fiberglass, PVC Cable.


We have washing plant with huge production capacity nearby mining area. We have rich experience in processing minerals. We have perfect washing system which is capable of removing all the impurities. We have differentiated material by their whiteness and chemical physical property. 80% Levigate China Clay is supplied in the ceramic market. Following are the Levigated China Clay grades listed below:

1) ISWL-92:

ISWL-92 is our premium grade of china clay with maximum natural brightness, fine material with impurities and snow white color. We provide in noodle form.

2) ISWL-90:

ISWL-90 is our second grade of china clay, with 2% lower brightness than first grade. Appereance is in white color.

3) ISWL-85:

ISWL-85 is our third grade of china clay, with little Creamish in color.

4) IRL:

IRL is our most running grade in china clay. It is slight pinkish in color with high plasticity. It is mainly used in ceramic body. It has good shrinkage and casting rate. The main point is that it has low cost product with high alumina percentage.

Params 1SWL - 92 Result (%) 1SWL - 90 Result (%) 1SWL - 85 Result (%) 1RL Result (%)
Loss on Ignition 13.80 13.86 12.80 12.24
Silica as SiO₂ 43.03 42.03 45.70 47.53
Alumina as Al₂O₃ 39.37 39.50 36.80 34.74
Iron as Fe₂O₃ 0.36 0.89 0.94 1.26
Titania as TiO₂ 0.78 0.94 1.08 1.32
Calcium as CaO 0.56 0.56 0.56 0.56
Magnesium as MgO 0.81 1.01 1.00 1.00
Sodium as Na₂O 0.27 0.30 0.28 0.29
Potassium as KO₂ Less than .10 Less than .10 Less than .10 0.14
Fired Color > Lab (At 1210’C60 Min) L*94.83 A*0.46 B*3.10 L*92.63 A*0.91 B*3.05 L*90.88 A*0.96 B*3.60 L*85.67 A*1.74 B*6.33
Whiteness 87.50% 83.49% 80.00% 68.20%
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